2018 Self-Review Part Deux: Bike Blog & Book, Food & Yoga

As long as I’m reviewing my year, may as well hit the other highlights. In case you missed it, Part Une was about the bikin’ and the hikin’ (ok, walks). Here’s the link to check out that post about my 5,143 Miles in 2018, As for the rest, well, let’s skip the pleasantries and get right to the review.

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5,143 Miles in 2018: 4,554 Biking + 589 Walking. Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good for A Dude!

The headline is this:  I beat 2017 by 429 miles!  (4,714 Miles Bicycled in 2017 = 10,000 in 2 Years! A Recap of My “Epic Velocimania” (Day 1) 

Of course that’s not proof, for that, see below.  But I can assure you it’s accurate.  Except that maybe it’s not, because the annual strava video shows I rode an extra 100+ miles.  The point is that I biked my butt off (well, it’s still there) and added the daily walking.  So even though I biked 250 miles less, I walked 500+ miles more than last year, when I barely did any.  In addition to my daily yoga practice of 5+ years now, and writing this blog or in my book-in-progress, I had a very busy year.

The effort took me 427 hours, which is about 18 full days of biking.  The elevation was 122,700 feet, which is less than last year, but not by much.  And I definitely didn’t seek out hills this year.  I didn’t go on many group rides, either.  But still, somehow I was able to GIT ‘ER DONE!

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Sookie’s Last Ride (Ever!) & Sophie’s Last Ride of 2018 on New Year’s Eve in Austin

Today was my last chance to add to my mileage and extend my goal of bike-riding x number of miles for 2018.  So I took the opportunity of a decently mild Central Texas winter day and did just that.  First, I took Sookie to Performance Bikes, since they’re a Fuji dealer, to see if they could do anything about her cracked frame.  However, they couldn’t, because their parent company is going out of business.  But at least I got yet another confirmation (the fifth?) that she is no longer rideable.  While not unexpected, it reminded me of how much I’ll miss this bike.  After that… Continue reading

The Invisible or Utility Bicyclist: An Ignored Population

Tonight as I was out dutifully putting in some miles to finish up my yearly goal, I encountered a man stopped in East Austin, near downtown.  He was working on his bicycle, and observing the unwritten code of bike riders, I stopped to ask if I might help. He had a screw driver and was adjusting his rear reflector while enjoying an adult beverage.  He was also worried about his front light, which was red (illegal).  There wasn’t much I could do, but we chatted a bit.  He was friendly, perhaps due to the aforementioned drink.  He introduced himself as Tommy, I replied with my name, and he proferred an ungloved hand for me to shake in the cool temperatures.  He also said that he is homeless.  It got me thinking about the large number of people who ride bikes as transportation, but are not connected with bicycle advocacy organizations.  So here are a few thoughts. Continue reading

How I Bicycled 22 Miles in a Thunderstorm and Tornado Watch (Shark-Free)

After two days out of town and off the bike for the holidays with family, I returned to Austin ready to get back to bidness.  I needed to take my computer into the shop and to retrieve my mail, so I had two destinations.  There was some light rain but the temperature was in the high 60’s, not much wind.  A little rain never hurt anybody (except the Wicked Witch of the West), so I suited up and headed out.  So it was not all storm all the time.  But soon after errand number one, I had to put on my poncho and shoe covers.  For a while it was fine.  And then, it wasn’t.  I felt the wind pick up from the north and with it, the temperatures dropped and gusts increased.  There was also that part about a tornado watch.  Did I wisely throw in the towel and head straight home?  No.  Here’s why and how. Continue reading

The Rest of the Story About Rest Days for Cyclists

On May 4th (Star Wars day), I wrote a blog titled “Rainy Friday Blahg Post: The Value of Sleep and Rest Days for Cyclists“. While visiting relatives, I’m forced into at least two days off the bike, so I’m revisiting the topic. As it happens, my computer apparently needs a rest too, since it has just started shutting itself off. So this will be short post since it takes longer to write by phone and it’s a holiday.

It’s Still Important to Move On Rest Days

I traveled north to where the picture of me I use for this blog was taken. This afternoon I took the dogs for a walk. Nothing fancy, just 45 minutes and 1.83 miles on a neighborhood street then park trail. It was a three-bagger, if you know what I mean. The weather wasn’t too bad and we arrived alive.

It felt good knowing I didn’t have to suit up and pump the legs for however many miles. At the same time, the urge to ride my bicycle was still there. I felt almost guilty not doing it, especially with the extra calories I’ve been consuming. But I gave my self permission to not worry about it. Even with a revised goal hanging over my head, I’m pretty sure I’ll make it. But the point is to move the body a little so it doesn’t freeze up on you. Swim, yoga,.walk, do floor yoga — whatever you can do to move — it’s all helpful to prevent lactic acid build up. Which hurts if you don’t.

Sleepytime but Not a Sleepyhead

The challenge for me remains turning off my brain so the healing can begin. I was asked, “Why don’t you just go to bed?” Well, I can think of a number reasons, namely because: I’m on a later schedule, several health issues make it harder, because I’m not sleepy, I have things to do, and it’s quieter so I can think better (unless I’m really am too tired AND sleepy. A former female friend called it “sleepy tired”.

But to rebuild muscles that have been worked in bike riding, or any physical exercise, rest is key. Add to that attitude. The reason for this should be clear: It’s easy to burn out if youre not careful. If the whole body or even just the brain need rest, at some point you’re going to crash on your bed. Or on your bike, which would be, to quote Orwell, doubleplusungood.

Of course, I could have made myself go bike (if I had one to borrow), as I often have powered through fatigue, pain, discomfort, injury and more. In fact, right now I’m nursing a saddle sore, so not riding is a great idea. But to rest is the best so one can live to ride another day and enjoy it.

Returning from Time Off

After a day or two, I find I start jonesing for the bike. This is a key time to take it easy, however. That’s because you can injure yourself after having let your guard down. Hopefully I’ll have some really relaxed and well-rested muscles.

I also enjoy doing things off the bike, so I have more time time to explore them. I do feel a bit traitorous, but exercise is good for the mood. And you can’t bike without energy, physical and mental. In the end we all need sleep to live as healthy as possible. For me I’ll have. To keep trying to make sleep a priority and make.better choices and take sleep aids if necessary, especially an Epsom salt bath.

But now it’s Christmas, and my favorite part aside from not working and hanging with family is that we have Jewish delicatessen food. No bagels for me this year, though.  May whatever traditions you celebrate bring you comfort and joy. And oh yeah, a little peace on Earth would be great. When it’s over, rest well. Then, get back on that steel horse and ride!

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Nostalgia for My Grandmother on Winter Solstice, the Longest Night of the Year

It’s winter solstice here in Austin, Texas, United States of America, and I’m feeling nostalgic. Not only because of the holidays, or working in a place with a long history here in town and in the country that’s closing down, or because a year ago I had ridden my bike alot more, and the year before that, even more. It’s mostly because my maternal grandmother died 20 years ago on December 22, 1998. This post is dedicated to her memory. (Check back after the holidays for more photos.)

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