Hello, Welcome to A Dude Abikes’ About Page!

Me as a kid on a red Raleigh. I bet I probably took it off some sweet jumps.

I’m a regular guy in Austin who rides a bike ever since his car got smashed on January 25th, 2005.  I have been blogging about my riding since 2016, when I set out to bike 80 miles a week but instead did 100, finishing the year at 5,306.  In 2017, I figured out I could do a bit less and still achieve 10,000 miles in two years.  So I did 4,714.  Maybe that makes me not so regular.

You can check out all my rides, walks and occasional swims here:  A Dude Abikes on Strava, the GPS activity tracker.  You can sign up and track your own stuff and follow me as well.  I put in clever titles and pictures that don’t always show up on my blog.

The Austin American-Statesman profiled me on January 15, 2018 in an article by Pam LeBlanc titled “Can a regular guy bike 10,000 miles in two years?  This dude did”.

Since late 2015, I have been volunteering with Bike Austin because they are saving lives by organizing and advocating for bike lanes, sidewalks, and better transit in general.  I was honored to be awarded their Advocacy Ambassador of 2017.  If you are a cyclist and not a member, please join today.  Mention A Dude Abikes sent you.

So you could say I’m an “award-winning, as featured in the newspaper” kinda guy.

Charity bike riding is fun, supported, important and gratifying.  A Dude Abikes has raised over $8,500 in five rides — two for breast cancer, two for AIDS, and one two-day ride for MS.  You’re encouraged to do the same and help support these and other neighbors who are patients fighting to survive or live well despite various ailments.

Non-spammers and non-robots with real questions, ideas or suggestions may contact me at ADudeAbikes AT gmail.

Things I’m interested in:

  1.  Followers, Likes, and (helpful) Comments, Re-blogs, Shares on Social Media, tell all your friends.
  2.  Hire A Dude! For cash money I will help you navigate the streets of Austin on a bike.  I am not (yet) a League Cycling Instructor.  But I have 10,000 miles of cycling under my belt, mostly in North Central Austin, and that’s not nuthin’.  Certain conditions and disclaimers will apply.  Reasonable rates because hey, I’m unemployed and rent, food, and bike parts are not free!  See the email address above.
  3.  Marketing assistance.  Spreading A Dude Abikes message through social media primarily.  Creation and sales of A Dude Abikes jerseys, shirts, hats, buttons, stickers and more.
  4.  Website assistance.  I have the domain but that’s about it so far.
  5.  Sponsorships.  If 50 people or businesses donated $50 every month for a year, that would allow me the time to write a book about my bicycling, continue writing the blog several times a week, afford health care, food and rent, and to keep riding.  Email me if you’re interested.
  6.  A new bicycle.  The one I have done distances on is old and way past its best buy date.  A good quality flat bar hybrid or road bike is about $2,000.
  7.  Funds for other bike things:  shoes, gloves, helmet, parts, repairs, tubes, tires, brakes.  These things add up.  At some point I may have a GoFundMe account.  If interested in donating now, please email above.
  8.  A coach.  Currently there is not a budget for this.
  9.  Fine, fun folks to go bicycling with.  Particularly with cars and bike racks to get out of town.
  10.  Other to be defined.

Thanks for your interest and support of A Dude Abikes!  Apologies in advance to any and everyone who likes or comments that I may miss or not reply to.  It’s not that I don’t want to engage, but riding, writing and life has to come first.


21 thoughts on “About

  1. This is Bryan. You asked some questions over at my blog. It doesn’t allow me to reply twice. Go figure. I don’t bike. Wish I did. You do need beta readers or, if you have any in your area, get involved in a writer’s group. That’s where the action is.

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  2. Great to read the words of another dedicated bicyclist. FYI: the link to your site which you shared as part of the “Promote Your Blog In 2018” message was not spelled correctly. But I nosed around and found your site anyways.

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  3. Great to read the words of another dedicated bicyclist. FYI: the link to your site which you shared as part of the “Promote Your Blog In 2018” message was not spelled correctly. But I nised around and found your site anyways.


  4. You are such an engaging writer! I usually don’t read for a while, then I binge-read to catch up. Loved the conversation with your bike.

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